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Branding, UX and UI


Menuti is a brazilian app developed to help restaurant owners manage their business, reduce crowds and avoid long lines. Through the app clients can order and easily pay. I created the interface and the visual identity as well.

Work developed at Humanoide
Group 233.png

5 Day Design Sprint

We kicked things off at Menuti with a design sprint. For 5 days the team got together to bring an idea to life. We followed the basic Google DS Structure, I participated in the designer role. I also facilitated a few exercises. 

The first three days were spent defining the product, getting to know our users better and their journey through the app. Then, I proceeded to create a low fidelity prototype to validate our ideas on a user test.

For the last Design Sprint day we focused on user testing. I was responsible for the test script and analyzing the collected data.

Group 198.png

The prototype created on Figma helped us getting a ton of feedback from real users. The team invited 5 people for the test, and we were able to quickly improve our initial product before moving on to high fidelity designs. 

Screen Shot 2021-11-02 at 20.26.12.png

High fidelity designs

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