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User Experience Design


Stattrak is a Fantasy-style gaming platform focused on e-sports. Players assemble imaginary teams for real competitions and, depending on the result, they score on the site and can exchange the points for prizes. The main challenge of this project was to understand the platform users and their behavior using the product to come up with improvements in the user experience.

Work developed at Novatics

Exploring a very promising market, the Fantasy style of play leaves the traditional sports scene to attack e-sports. Stattrak is an example and is already a product with thousands of monthly hits and loyal players. However, the platform was built based on a ready-made template that, over time, has shown to have some usability issues. In addition, two things needed to be reviewed: improving the acquisition funnel and finding ways to exploit the monetization of the platform.

Through a Design Sprint, in which I acted as a facilitator, we were able to answer some product questions and define a direction to invest our efforts. Our goals involved retaining more users exploring the sponsorship market, consequently monetizing the platform.

Our long term goal

In the image above you can see a screenshot of the results of our Design Sprint, where we raised the main points to be tackled in the project. This approach was critical to building a User Journey consistent with the long-term product objective and understanding and prioritizing Stattrak improvement points. We also did an extensive study of similar platforms, personas, and the product we had so far – as mentioned above, Stattrak was built on a ready-made template. All this input was used to define the adjustments that the platform should undergo.


To understand the user, we looked for statistics in Google Analytics and Hotjar. These tools were fundamental to understanding our users. From these data, we left for a more detailed study of Persona and User Journey.

We also did a study of the main flow of the platform before the redesign work. We explore screen by screen to raise user experience issues in detail and structure the project scope thinking of suggestions for each point found.

All the material collected in the previous stages of exploration and study served to define our objectives with the redesign. It also generated a collection of possibilities for Stattrak. Considering the time available and the complexity of each item, we inserted the improvement suggestions in an Effort Vs. Value Matrix to realistically prioritize the changes to implement.

From the prioritization, we started to work on wireframes and a low-fidelity prototype to study the improvements identified as having the greatest value for the product.

Mockup home não logada.png

For Stattrak to achieve the goal of monetizing the platform and retaining more users, we realized the need to redesign the product's value proposition and the entire login flow to assemble teams. We work on making the experience fluid and more informative for new users.

It was also essential to reformulate the mobile version of the platform. The data collected in the survey with users revealed a high rate of users on mobile devices. In addition, the game players themselves verbalized the desire to have an app.

With this redesign, we went from 68% to 80% on our main rate – users finishing the signup flow and creating a team. 

I wrote on Medium about how I facilitade Stattrak's Design Sprint in a fully digital and remote way! It's a short and neat text, be sure to check it out. ;)

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