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A fantasy game for eSports.

UX Design

Nov 2020

Stattrak is a fantasy style game for eSports, a growing and very profitable market. I was responsible for mapping what wasn't so great about the overall experience and generating ideais aiming to retain more and more recurring players.

UX & UI Design

Jan 2020


Democratizing access to money.

Veriza is a finances company focused in offering credit to over 50 million brazilians that are not eligible for taking loans through traditional banks and institutions. Me and my team were responsible for bringing life to this project from sketches to final design and a lot of iterations. 

Mockup home não logada.png

UI Design & branding 

Dec 2019


App for table service restaurant orders

Menuti is a Brazilian app developed to help restaurant owners manage their business, reduce crowds and avoid long lines. Through the app clients can order and easily pay. I created the interface and the visual identity as well.

UI Design

Jul 2019

Rio Claro_

Dashboard for a investment broker

Rio Claro is one of the largest investment and insurance companies in Brazil. They offer to top notch clients the best in economic consulting and management. I designed the interface for their client's account dashboard.

Prototyping & UI Design

Aug 2019

Vibe Alimentos_

Healthy food ecommerce

Vibe Congelados is a Brazilian company that sells healthy pre-made meals and snacks to those who want to change their lifestyle. The concept behind this UI is to fully sell the light and good lifestyle that comes with eating better. 

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